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An Early Sign Of Pregnancy Before Late Menstruation

Often found pregnant women entering pregnancy over 12 weeks. This conditionbecause the woman is not aware of an early sign of pregnancy. The following arearticles that help you mark the beginning of late pregnant women beforemenstruation.

Signs of pregnancy can help you to reduce the risk of lack of nutrients in the body and fetus during pregnancy. Even for those of you who already know the signs of pregnancy can maintain activity there to avoid the risk of miscarriage.

To find out the sign of pregnancy women usually calculate the menstrual cycle when a woman's menstrual cycle. There are women who regularly menstruating women who experienced a unisex a portion of irregular menstruation. In addition the menstrualcondition of someone affected by physical condition, psychological, hormonal, andenvironmental.

So Gejala Awal Kehamilan Sebelum Terlambat Haid not be the primary measure of determining pregnancy. Some of the factors below will help you to know that you are pregnant before experiencing late menstruation.

The following is an early sign of pregnancy that you can know before latemenstruation:

1. Body temperature

You can learn more about early pregnancy signs before late menstruation of body temperature. Here's how you can measure the body temperature when waking up in the morning before you get out of bed.

Women who undergo fertilization akam experience increased body temperature thannormal temperature.

The process that takes place when before fertilization will go down and experiencing a surge after rising again. Body temperature will continue to rise to 0.4-0.6 degreesfrom normal temperature.

2. Pain in the abdomen

Sign of pregnancy is uncomfortable conditions in the lower abdominal area. Whenfertilization takes place some women experience pain in the lower abdomen. Evenaccompanied by pain in the lower back but the pain is experienced only brieflywithout lasting longer.

Pain in the stomach resembles a pain when going through PMS. So many who could not distinguish a pain because PMS or as a sign of pregnancy.

3. Changes to the women's area

The changes that occur in the area of women in the form of the lips of her womanhood area that changes color. In normal conditions the pink sedangkam whenexperiencing ovulation aan changed to become more pale.

In addition the discharge of liquid resembling a whitish but not whitish but becausecervical mucus that is very thin so that the discharge at the time of conception.

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4. Nausea

Sign of pregnancy hormone estrogen increased next where increased stomach acidlevels and trigger the onset of nausea. In addition factors generated a placenta HCG inearly pregnancy that causes nausea and subside of its own accord when the gestational age is increasingly growing and to cope with it all, trying to learn Cara Menghilangkan Mual Saat Hamil Muda

The next change is a change in the metabolism of liver glycogen in which pregnancy can cause the metabolism of glycogen trigger the onset of nausea. Even nausea inpregnant women at young gestational age prompted also because of psychological factors.

Pregnancy signs before coming of menstruation is very important to be known bywomen as early as in keeping the keseahatan of mother and fetus. Moreover, at the time of the beginning of pregnancy important organs of the fetus is already taking shape so that the intake of folic acid is very important.

For those of you who want to make sure your pregnancy, consult with yourobstetrician or midwife so that it can help in knowing your pregnancy is more specific.A pregnancy test can be done in the form of testpack or test test urine, ultrasound and a series of other tests to know the gestational age and pertumbuahan more precise.